A LAND world | Lavinia Venuta


A Lively, Actual, Necessary, Democratic world.  

Composed of infinite shades of colours, it is a world that generates a digital space in movement for creativity, fantasy and speculative art, which remains in balance in a never-ending research phase. 
LAND education gives voice to those who feel the need to give a role to their skills by elevating design to a social value. 
A world born in the right place at the right time, from the idea of building a community but now becoming the need of the community itself to keep interacting. 
More than ever at this time, in fact, we want to feel that we belong to a dimension that destroys distances and embraces the values of community, interaction and sharing. 
It was a special feeling for me to belong to this reality and to be a small part of this innovative world during these three months of working side by side with Anna and Alessia.

Lavinia Venuta


Illustrations by Estefania Loret De Mola