LAND - Brand Identity | Davide Falzone


The visual identity of Land Education is imagined as a landscape on which to build an ideal body of knowledge that can shape the future and design new scenarios. 
Like architecture forms community spaces, Land Education forms a cultural landscape through education. 

The graphic design defines volumes in an open, dynamic and versatile relationship that allows complex compositions to remain coherent and recognizable. 
The corporate identity pivots on the dialogue between two subjects: students and organizations. Each one is identified by a 3D shape that establishes a dialectic exchange between the two: students are represented by a curved line that symbolizes their pliancy, while organizations are identified by a brokenline to connote their structural character.
The shapes are recognizable together or separately with no compositional limits. Both groups and the spaces in which they exist define places of professional learning and landscapes of cultural communities. 
The chosen material is paper as it is a space, surface and physical medium on which to leave a mark, as well as being a flexible material that can be cut, folded and molded. 

The chromatic identity gives the composition its rhythm through the use of red and white. The two colors are alternatively applied both to the background and the shapes emerging from it, thus attracting and directing attention towards the various elements. This color palette gives the graphics a fresh and contemporary feel.
In line with the graphic design, the logo expands, extends and stretches outwards, as if trying to elude formal limits.


Davide Falzone